54 Comercial Drive Halifax Nova Scotia B3V1A4

About Us

Nova Scotia’s only unaccompanied ATV and SxS rental business

Our mission

Rough Country Rentals is Nova Scotia’s only unguided ATV and Side by Side rental provider. Established in August 2022 by Vince and Jill Scott, Rough Country Rentals strives to become a first-class rental provider for local residents, tourists, corporate groups and more. Our goal is to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our clients, so that they may enjoy the beautiful terrain that our province has to offer.

Cost, Maintainance and storage

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t drive a car without taking it for a test drive! One of the key advantages of renting an outdoor recreational vehicle is testing out equipment prior to making a significant purchase. For outdoor enthusiasts looking to use an ATV a few times a year, renting is an excellent way to avoid monthly payments, storage, and ongoing maintenance. Renting also means you don’t have to worry about selling or trading in your ATV or purchasing tags and permits.  Simply book your recreational vehicle, have fun, and leave the rest to us!


When you factor in the expense of hauling your four-wheeler to and from your home, which may be hundreds of miles away, you’ll soon realize the benefits of renting over owning.   Renting an ATV gives you the added benefit of packing light for your trip, rather than bringing a hauling rig, license and registration, fuel, and other necessities for your ATV.